Morning Begal Breakfast

Breakfast Bagel

We offer a variety of breakfast sandwicheson our all-day breakfast menu. Order on our Bagel House app to help save time and gather points.

Dozen Bagels

Dozen Bagels

Mix and match your bagel orders with a variety of flavors baked fresh all day long

Bagel Burgur

Lox and Cream cheese

Smoked salmon is layered onto a bagel with cream cheese, topped with capers and onions, to make for an irresistible combo. This is our most popular sandwich outside of our breakfast bagel.

Serving you since 1999

We are very proud to say we have been serving the community for 20+ years. We focus on providing the best Montreal style bagels Toronto has to offer. We are the first bagel bakery in Ontario to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Bagels in Process

Always Fresh

All our bakeries are fitted with a wood burning oven. That allows us to make fresh bagels all day long

Quick preparation times

We are always improving our speed to accommodate the fast-paced schedules our city demands. Paired with our new app, we can further reduce wait times across the board.


We take great pride in saying we don’t take short cuts when baking our bagels.We are a private company that holds quality to a very high standard.


Our bakeries all provide a wide selection of pastries, baked in house every day. Ranging from sugar topped cheese bagels, to a variety of knishes.

Fruit Pastries
Bagels Oven Process

The Process

Once we have blended an assortment of ingredients to make our freshly crafted dough, our bagels are then hand rolled to the desired liking of our customers. Since we are based in Toronto, we make our bagels slightly bigger then of those in Montrealto accommodate for the standards our customer’s desire. The next step is to boil the bagels in honey water, thisadds a touch of sweetness while also adding a shiny and crispy exterior.Next, welight our maple wood to help raise the temperature of the oven. The final step is the most crucial, as one of our many experienced bakers will then ensure the bagels are baked thoroughly and evenly across the oven floor.

Bagel Types’ Menu

Explore our menu items. Choose items > call us or place order from our app!

Regular Normal Bagels

Regular Bagels

Sesame, Poppy, Plain

Special Bagels


Cinnamon raisin, Pumpernickel, Everything, Wholewheat, Flax, Onion, Multi-grain, Oat bran Rasin, Caraway

Twisters Bagels

Twisters Bagels


Mini Fresh Bagels

Mini Bagels


  • BACON 90% 90%
  • EGG 85% 85%
  • PEANUT BUTTER 80% 80%
  • AVACADO 70% 70%
  • VEGGIE 80% 80%
  • WHITE TUNA 60% 60%


Great service and the bagels are Best in the City!!!! They were even giving out a free cream cheese sample with any purchase (very generous)


Alexandra Doss-Collbran

Great selection of fresh bagels and pastries.
Best bagels in the area!
Many different in house made cream cheeses too.


Marcin Tandecki

Nice breakfast place . Very friendly personnel. Stay positive bagel house.


marcin sudol

For me, these are the best examples of Montreal-style bagels I’ve found in Toronto.


Christopher Fulsom

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