The Classic Bagels

A tight, perfect crumb. Honor it with a smear of cream cheese, a layer of lox, and a thick slice of a juicy, ripe tomato. Be sure to use instant or quick-rise yeast (Leran The Process)

Soft Healthy Bagels



Our dough is hand-rolled to form the bagel (aprx 90 grams)



The Bagels are then transferred to the boiler, where they will begin to develop a sweet crust using Honey water.

Bagels Making
Seedy Bagels


The bagels are placed on 2 wooden baking planks and layered with seeds.


The bagels are moved into the oven, where they will be flipped and moved around depending on the heat of the oven.

Bagels In Oven
Golden Ready Begals


Once the bagels have developed a golden exterior, they are taken out and ready to serve.

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